Monday, 21 March 2016

Week 8 Reflection T1

What: Last week I did an art building by Paul Klee. I thought the piece of art was amazing. I really liked the shape and the whole point was to get  the same shape. Last week we did football. It was fun. I enjoyed it. It was really tricky. I was getting a lot of misses but I finally got a goal. I did a Maori song that reminded me of puffing billy which is a train. 

So What: I learnt that Raui Morrison is a tennis woman. I really like the sound of her because she is on the managing impulsivity poster. I would really like to meet her. She sounds nice.
Image result for paul klee's building art
Now What: Last week my goal was to help little people when there worried and I still haven't completed it at all 

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