Monday, 30 May 2016

Weekly Reflection W5 T2

What: Last week I did a popplet with Callaghan and Hayz. The class had to make a popplet about how to make a structure it was fun. Last week I did number knowledge sheet it was number 11. It gets harder when you finish it. Last week I did a Te Reo farewells. It was easy before you had to glue you had to cut the farewells.
So What: I learnt how to focus on where I am going to throw a scrunched up ball. I learnt how to doge balls in dogeball and I did get it.I learnt how to sow a headphone bag it was hard.
Now What: I think I did not achieve my goal of making my handwriting neater so the teacher can read it better. I will work on it.
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