Monday, 27 June 2016

Week 9 Term 2 Reflection

What: Last week I wasn't at school because I had an operation on my left ear. I was not at school for a week. I've got a bandage on my head and on top I've got a beanie to protect it from getting an infection. Last week I did homework at home because of my ear and I loved it. Last week I went to my nanny and granddad's house for tea and to see Burt, Tilly, Bella and Jellybean the first 3 are dogs and Jellybean is a cat.
So What: I learnt that when you are in hospital for an operation it is very good there because there can be a lot of little kids and adults. I
learnt how boring it can get in hospital, so you have to be patient. I learnt how gross hospital sleeping gas can be. I don't like it.
Now What: I know I didn't complete my goal of making my handwriting neater so the teacher can read it.
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