Monday, 4 July 2016

Weekly Reflection Week 10 T 2

What: Last week Miss Morris left to go to Italy for a holiday and when she comes back she is going to Room 6 to take Miss Tymans place because she is leaving for good. It is very sad that Miss Morris is leaving Room 1&2. Last week Wanganui High School invited all the senor classes to a production that was  about Snow White and the 7 Dudes and it was very funny.  We did an assembly practice and it was hard to remember the lines but I remember my line.

Now What: I learnt how to say in  Kamokamo Te Reo which is a type of pumpkin.

So What: I have not completed my goal of making my handwriting neater so the teacher can read it. I will work hard on it.

Image result for Fresh Kamokamo

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